~ World Wines Hunter ~

World Wines Hunter is a trade agency specialized in the wines and spirits, which works exclusively with vine growers and houses owners, as suppliers, for professional customers: CHR, Wine shops , Distributors, Importers, in France and to the export.

Our spot is to suggest wines of any French and Foreign estate and to ensure the commercial follow-up.

Our goal is to bring professionals to introduce each new wine in their selection.
To better understand the market, we spend time with each sales representative on the estate and take the time to discuss their expectations to improve development capabilities.

All the fields with which we work were selected according to these criteria:

1 Typicity and the level of quality of wines

2 Philosophy and the know-how of the wine makers

3 Vines, the work of the soil, the respect of the plant

4-Choice of the wine makings

5-A strong motivation to build a long-term partnership with the professionals.

The wines which we propose are wines of terroir, that's mean, typical wines from the place where they are produced.
We offer you also, a grand selection of atypical estate wines, amazing, that deserve to be discovered and tasted.

Wine carrying the characteristics of its ground and the climate of the year which saw it being born.

It is worked according to the inspiration and of the temperament of the wine grower.

« Who knows tasting will never again drink wine but taste secrets.” (Salvador Dali)