~ Monbazillac and Bergerac Wines, Château la Maroutie ~

A Family Estate Since 1991, the vines have been worked by two friends from the world of Rugby, who embarked on the adventure out of love for the region and wine. More than a Philosophy, a Desire The philosophy of the owners is to provide a fresh look at wine. From beginner to enthusiast, everyone could be surprised by a wine from the estate.

The tradition renewed, it is a frame of mind. Wine, for all its qualities, including its health benefits, must return to the front of the stage. For this to happen, each actor in the world of wine must become involved. This is the desire at Château La Maroutie. Monbazillac, a Noble Land Monbazillac is a municipality that has passed through time. Its 16th century castle is one of the symbols of the region. Celtic, Gallo-Romans, Barbarians and Dutch in turn marked the history of the city. As often in the wine world, it is men of faith, Catholic and Protestant, who have given their pedigree to the appellation. A few kilometres from Bergerac, this village has the distinction of being the first to produce a sweet wine as we know it today.

The Estate in the Heart of History La Maroutie, from the Celtic Mas meaning "farm" and Rosta "hill", is a locality situated on the hills above the town of Monbazillac. It is a few grapevines away from the Château de Monbazillac and has an exceptional view over the plain of Bergerac. In the heart of this locality is located the residence and the estate’s vineyards, on about 12 hectares A specific “terroir’’ The soil gets its originality from clay and limestone. Clay is porous, so it lets water penetrate slowly and keeps it prisoner for the time it takes to ensure the proper irrigation of the vines. Limestone allows the soil to become warm quickly in the morning and keep the heat at night, thus mitigating temperature differences.