• Le Shop de World Wines Hunter

    Publié le 03-06-2020
    The Shop reopens on the new Luzech site at the Artisanal Zone of Saint Marc. Selections of fine French and foreign wines, craft beers, spirits. Many promotions on white wines! New: We also... Lire plus ...
  • Prowein Düsseldorf 2020, Hall 12 Booth C27

    Publié le 21-01-2020
    We'll be present at Prowein Dusseldorf, March 15th-17th 2020, Hall 12 Booth C27. We'll have the following wineries : - Lo Domeni: Cahors Malbec - Château Haut-Bergeron: Sauternes & Bordeaux... Lire plus ...
  • Wine Paris 2020, Hall 6 Stand K171

    Publié le 21-01-2020
    We'll be present in Wine Paris, Porte de Versailles, February 10th-12thth 2020, Hall 6 Stand K 171. We'll have with us the following wineries : - Domaine du Colombier - Muscadet Sèvre & Maine... Lire plus ...
  • Le Wine Blog by Jennifer

    Publié le 05-08-2019
    Le Wine Blog by Jennifer: Thank you for joining me on my continued Wine Journey. This is my “new & improved” Wine Blog, concentrating on World Wines, and continuing... Lire plus ...
  • Follow us on Instagram: worldwineshunter

    Publié le 05-04-2019
    Follow us on Instagram: worldwineshunter Lire plus ...
  • ProWein Düsseldorf 2019 - Hall 12 Booth C27

    Publié le 10-01-2019
    Meet us @ ProWein Düsseldorf the 17th,18th & 19th of March 2019, Hall 12 Booth C27   At the tasting: -Lo Domeni (Cahors Malbec) organic conversion  -Château Haut-Bergeron (Graves-... Lire plus ...
  • ProWein 2018, Hall 12 Stand B28

    Publié le 14-02-2018
    Exhibitors and Products : Champagne 1er Cru Croix d’Irval represented by  par Jean Montagne de Reims, Sermiers, Coulommes-la-Montagne Loire Valley  represented by  Agnès, Flodivins Domaine de... Lire plus ...
  • ProWein 2017, Let's meet there Hall 12 booth B27

    Publié le 28-02-2017
    Do not hesitate to contact me to set up an appointment @ Hall 12  Booth B27 At the tasting: Rhone Valley: Domaine Christophe SEMASKA: AOP Condrieu (Prestigious wines), AOP Côte Rôtie (... Lire plus ...
  • ProWein 2016, Hall 12 Booth D21

    Publié le 10-03-2016
    Bordeaux - Château Haut Bergeron, Château la Fleur des pins, Château les Clauzots: AOP Graves, AOP Sauternes Champagne - Champagne Augustine: Châtillon sur Marne Languedoc - Château Guilhem (... Lire plus ...
  • Prowein 2015 - Our team and stand

    Publié le 22-04-2015
    For the edition of Prowein 2015 World Wines Hunter offered for tasting : Domaine de Chevilly: AOP Quincy Château Armandiere: AOP Cahors Malbec, IGP Côtes du Lot Domaine Fontaine du Clos: AOP... Lire plus ...
  • ProWein 2015 - Hall 12 Stand D47

    Publié le 05-02-2015
    This year we've done another special selection of French wines and spirits. At the tasting: AOP Champagne 1er Cru : Champagne Croix D’Irval AOP Bergerac & Montravel Organic : Domaine de... Lire plus ...
  • PROWEIN 2014: Hall 4 K125

    Publié le 13-02-2014
    The leading trade fair for the international wine and spirits industry, ProWein in Düsseldorf, will be celebrating its anniversary in 2014. 20 years ago, on 23 and 24 February 1994, Düsseldorf was... Lire plus ...
  • VINISUD 2014: Hall B2 Path D Stand 44

    Publié le 03-01-2014
    Château la Gineste, AOP Cahors Malbec, Domaine Mas Mellet, AOP Costières de Nîmes, Domaine Fontaine du Clos, AOP Côtes du Rhône, AOP Vacqueyras, IGP Vaucluse
    World Wines Hunter will be present for Vinisud 20th birthday. We will suggest a new selection of fine wines. Awards Wines. AOP Cahors Malbec: Château la Gineste -2012 Last year of Organic... Lire plus ...
  • Millésime Bio, world organic wine fair 2014

    Publié le 02-01-2014
    Millésime Bio was established in 1993 by a group of organic winemakers in Languedoc-Roussillon belonging to the interprofessional association Sudvinbio. The trade show takes place every year in... Lire plus ...
  • World Wines Hunter Export Distribution

    Publié le 22-10-2013
    Vinabc, Netherlands, Monbazillac
    Why Vinabc Quality products at all price levels Always competitive rates Monthly wine offers Concerned at home within 3 days when it suits you Per bottle your own box together Extensive... Lire plus ...
  • World Wines Hunter Export Distribution

    Publié le 26-07-2013
    Cantina Cortaccia, Kellerei Kurtatsch, Pinot Grigio Alto Adige , Italy, Matahiwi Estate, Wairarapa Sauvignon Blanc, Holly Sauvignon Blanc, Holly Pinot Noir, Holly Chardonnay, New Zealand
    Key Wines is specialised in wine investment, as well as wholesale and retail wine businesses. Underpinned by a team of highly professional consultants with expert knowledge in wine, the company... Lire plus ...
  • Château les Clauzots, Bordeaux Graves

    Publié le 15-04-2013
    This estate has been in the hands of the TACH family for over a hundred years. Five successive generations have devoted all their passion to its operation to ensure that the wines of Château Les... Lire plus ...
  • Vinexpo 2013:The Wine And Spirits Industry's Greatest Events

    Publié le 15-04-2013
    In a radically changing world, market players more than ever before, need guidance to perceive, understand and analyse the changes, and then anticipate future needs. Vinexpo is the international... Lire plus ...
  • Welcome

    Publié le 19-01-2013
    Welcome to World Wines Hunter website, trade agency specialized in the wines and spirits, launched in 2012. You will find practical information there concerning the wines and spirits, the estates... Lire plus ...
  • Monbazillac and Bergerac Wines, Château la Maroutie

    Publié le 18-10-2012
    Vins, monbazillac, bergerac
    A Family Estate Since 1991, the vines have been worked by two friends from the world of Rugby, who embarked on the adventure out of love for the region and wine. More than a Philosophy, a Desire The... Lire plus ...
  • Welcome to Cahors, Birthplace of Malbec!

    Publié le 18-10-2012
    Malbec, Cahors
    Is Cahors the right place to grow Malbec? The question is quite pertinent when you read the latest statement of a French winemaker working in Argentina and growing Malbec for Alta Vista to Carly... Lire plus ...
  • ProWein 2013 - HALL 4 Stand K125

    Publié le 18-10-2012
    Château de Calavon, Château la Maroutie, Château Armandiere, Domaine du Penlois, Clos du Père Clément, Fontaine du Clos, Cahors Malbec, Côtes du Rhône/ Village, Monbazillac/Bergerac, Côteaux d'Aix en Provence, Beaujolais, Vacqueyras
    Prowein enjoys the reputation of being one of the biggest alcoholic beverage industry trade shows of Germany. The sole purpose of this trade show is to deliver finest quality of wines and discuss... Lire plus ...
  • Join us on Facebook

    Publié le 18-10-2012
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    Read all about our products, latest projects and program developments. Lire plus ...
  • An overview on Château de Lacroux - AOP Gaillac, South West of France-

    Publié le 18-10-2012
    SITUATION The Château de Lacroux vineyard, 38 ha, lies in the southwest of France, between the town of Gaillac (which gives its name to the wine growing area) , Albi, the birthplace of Henri... Lire plus ...