~ Lo Domeni - Organic AOP Cahors Malbec ~


CÉPAGE Malbec 100%


PAYS France

RÉGION South West of France

DOMAINE Lo Domeni - Organic Cahors Malbec

Notre coup de coeur

Le Clos: A nod to Burgundy, a fruity, light and easy-drinking wine, aged in stainless steel vats

Vendemia: Harvest time in Occitan, a wine harvested by hand and vinified in wooden barrels, maturing in barrels and cement vats

V: Evoking the primacy of the vine, truth and velvet, a wine harvested and ginned by hand, then aged in barrels

L'ingénu: Original, frank, mineral wine focusing only on the truth of the Malbec grape variety

Terracotta: Expressive wine that highlights the terroir and the Malbec grape variety in its integrity and preserves its aromas