~ Lo Domeni, Cahors Malbec, Organic conversion ~

In Organic conversion.
Yield management by debbuding and green harvesting.

"Small & Beautiful"

This is a nice area of 6 hectares at the entrance of Caillac village.
In 2004, at 39, Pierre Pradel, village child who career in trade and other wine promotion, returns to his father vines: "Beside my tree with my wife and my little girl that I didn't want to bring up to city."

No cellar, no tanks, no money or clients, but an excellent thirty-years-old vines maintained by his father who works on behalf of the neighbor Château Lagrézette of which he was manager.

Once back, he sets up a mechanical weeding vineyards . In the fall , he sows vetch and rye whichburied in the spring, bring nutrients to the vine. During summer practice leafing and green harvesting . From 2015 ,
Total conversion to organic farming.
At harvest time he hires his staff to harvest by hand its best parcels to the sound of the accordion.

Thanks to a group of investors who advance them money in exchange of five years of wine, he buys tanks, a press and other oenological tools.
In 2006, he involved on the adventure of wine making. A instinct, and thanks to his many years of tasting behind him, he's not trying to make a "great" wine to attract experts but to a wine that looks like him and he will love to drink himself and share.

Result: the experts are seduced and his first vintages immediately receive a warm welcome.
It's in promoting wines from others that he has acquired a solid experience: "I made my own palate. I had spent my time compare tastes, to know where they come from. I had learned the tricks of old winemakers.My method is to taste the wine every day to know what I'll do. I do everything in the palate without too much school tools."
His hobby is to promote Malbec by the fruit at a very reasonable price. Ligh woody, extracts the tannins in moderation, research freshness above all from grapes of impeccable quality and good concentration.

In the end, the Cahors wine is charming as his person ...