~ Champagne 1er Cru Croix D'Irval ~

Montagne de Reims

A Premier Cru Champagne ; This prestigious appellation, reserved to 44 villages of the 312 in champagne, reflects the high quality of the soil and terroir of our area. This historical denomination still in place, is a guarantee of quality and of constant taste.

A harmonious blend ; Three grapes varieties are used in our blend, with a dominance of Pinot Meunier, distinctive of the Montagne de Reims. It brings to our wine a mature nose with a silky side. The Chardonnay provides softness and lightness to the wine, and the Pinot noir gives body and intensity. This Champagne is generous, its delicate bubble is never intrusive, the palate is fruity, delicate, with a great persistence. It features all you can expect from a great Premier Cru.

A quest for quality ; Each phase of the elaboration of our Champagne is accurately timed. Sustainable wine growing is applied ; The harvest is done manually ; The grapes are pressed in a traditional 4000kg press which allows a better control by splitting the must. Aging on lees before the blending is set up for 4 to 6 months, giving the wine an intense structure. Bottles wait at least 3 years on lees before the disgorging.

A story to discover ; My family has been in Champagne for many generations, living at Irval. We are happy to present our history, and our passion through our Champagne Croix d’Irval. This name brings together my roots and history as a large cross stands at the top of a roof at Irval, linked to the crusades during the 14th century. Now, this powerful cross represents our ‘savoir‐ faire’ and our values, fashioned by time, by the understanding of the nature around us and by high quality requirements.