• Le Shop de World Wines Hunter

    Le Shop de World Wines Hunter

    The Shop reopens on the new Luzech site at the Artisanal Zone of Saint Marc.

    Selections of fine French and foreign wines, craft beers, spirits.

    Many promotions on white wines!

    New: We also offer our ranges which are reserved for our professional catering customers.

    In order to comply with the health security protocol, we favor online pre-orders to be picked up on site and by appointment, digital catalog of products on request by courier.

    Private parking.

    A bientôt, Santé ! Cheers ! Salud ! Prost !

  • Prowein Düsseldorf 2020, Hall 12 Booth C27

    Prowein Düsseldorf 2020, Hall 12 Booth C27

    We'll be present at Prowein Dusseldorf, March 15th-17th 2020, Hall 12 Booth C27.

    We'll have the following wineries :

    - Lo Domeni: Cahors Malbec
    - Château Haut-Bergeron: Sauternes & Bordeaux Graves
    - Château de Durette: Beaujolais Crus
    - Champagne Paul Hazard
    - Domaine du Colombier: Muscadet Sèvre & Maine
    - Domaine de la Commanderie: Chinon
    - Raphaël Midoir: Touraine & Sancerrre
    - Domaine Cordaillat: Reuilly
    - Domaine de Chevilly: Quincy

  • Wine Paris 2020, Hall 6 Stand K171

    Wine Paris 2020, Hall 6 Stand K171

    We'll be present in Wine Paris, Porte de Versailles, February 10th-12thth 2020, Hall 6 Stand K 171.

    We'll have with us the following wineries :
    - Domaine du Colombier - Muscadet Sèvre & Maine 
    - Domaine de la Commanderie - Chinon
    - Raphaël Midoir - Touraine & Sancerrre
    - Domaine Cordaillat - Reuilly
    - Domaine de Chevilly - Quincy
    - Château Haut-Bergeron - Sauternes & Graves
    - Champagne Paul Hazard

    To make your visit more comfortable, please contact us to schedule a meeting !

  • Le Wine Blog by Jennifer

    Le Wine Blog by Jennifer

    Le Wine Blog by Jennifer: http://lewineblog.com/

    Thank you for joining me on my continued Wine Journey.

    This is my “new & improved” Wine Blog, concentrating on World Wines, and continuing to specialise in the magical wines of Cahors in the South West of France.

    Please read on as I update and re-visit the iconic vineyards of Cahors and also explore this amazing World of Wines….

  • Follow us on Instagram: worldwineshunter

    Follow us on Instagram: worldwineshunter

    Follow us on Instagram: worldwineshunter

  • ProWein Düsseldorf 2019 - Hall 12 Booth C27

    ProWein Düsseldorf 2019 - Hall 12 Booth C27

    Meet us @ ProWein Düsseldorf the 17th,18th & 19th of March 2019, Hall 12 Booth C27


    At the tasting:

    -Lo Domeni (Cahors Malbec) organic conversion 

    -Château Haut-Bergeron (Graves-Sauternes)

    -Champagne Paul Hazard

    -Domaine de Coyeux (crus from the Rhône Valley, Beaumes de Venise & Muscats de Beaumes de Venise)

    Loire Valley: 

    -Domaine du Colombier

    -Domaine de Chevilly

    -Domaine Cordaillat

    -Domaine de la Commanderie

    -Raphaël Midoir

    Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment to make your visit more comfortable.

  • ProWein 2018, Hall 12 Stand B28

    ProWein 2018, Hall 12 Stand B28

    Exhibitors and Products :

    Champagne 1er Cru Croix d’Irval represented by  par Jean
    Montagne de Reims, Sermiers, Coulommes-la-Montagne

    Loire Valley  represented by  Agnès, Flodivins
    Domaine de Chevilly : AOP Quincy
    Domaine Cordaillat : AOP Reuilly
    Domaine du Colombier : AOP Muscadet Sèvre & Maine sur lie, AOP Muscadet Sèvre & Maine Mouzillon Tillières, IGP Val de Loire
    Raphael Midoir : AOP Touraine Sauvignon, AOP Touraine Oisly, AOP Sancerre, AOP Pouilly Fumé, AOP Crémant de Loire

    Alsace Organic, Domaine Wunsch & Mann represented by  Thierry et Maxime
    Wettosheim, Grand Cru Hengst, Grand Cru Steingrubler

    South-West  France, Château Tourmentine represented by  Jean-Marie
    Organic Bergerac, Côtes de Bergerac & Saussignac

    Bordeaux, Château Haut Bergeron represented by  Patrick
    Bordeaux Graves, Sauternes

    Rhône Valley, Domaine de Coyeux represented by  Justine
    Beaumes de Venise, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise

    Spirits : La Grappe de Montpellier, Groupe Grap’Sud represented by  Yoann
    Mediterranean spirits from grape
    (winemaker’s vodka, Mediterranean gin, anisette from the garrigues…)
    Development of customised French spirits
    Neutral alcohol of vinous origin in bulk

  • ProWein 2017, Let's meet there Hall 12 booth B27

    ProWein 2017, Let's meet there Hall 12 booth B27

    Do not hesitate to contact me to set up an appointment @ Hall 12  Booth B27

    At the tasting:

    Rhone Valley:

    Domaine Christophe SEMASKA: AOP Condrieu (Prestigious wines), AOP Côte Rôtie (Prestigious wines), AOP St Joseph, AOP Côte du Rhône Village, IGP Coteaux de Vienne

    Domaine de Coyeux: AOP Gigondas, AOP Beaumes de Venise, AOP Côte du Rhône Village, AOP Côte du Rhône, IGP Méditerranée, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Sparkling wine

    South West of France:

    Château Armandiere: AOP Cahors Malbec, IGP Côtes du Lot, VDF


    Champagne Augustine: AOP Champagne, Châtillon sur Marne ( Vallée de la Marne, Rive droite).


    Château Haut Bergeron: AOP Graves & AOP Sauternes

    Languedoc- Roussillon: Organic Wines

    Château Guilhem: AOP Malepère, AOP Limoux, IGP Pays Cathare, IGP Pays D'Oc, VDF

    Loire Valley:

    Domaine du Colombier : AOP Muscadet Sevre & Maine sur Lie, IGP du Val de Loire, Mouzillon Tillieres

    Domaine Cordaillat : AOP Reuilly (white, rose and red)

    Domaine de Chevilly : AOP Quincy

    Clos des Cordeliers : AOP Saumur Champigny, Cremant de Loire

  • ProWein 2016, Hall 12 Booth D21

    ProWein 2016, Hall 12 Booth D21

    Bordeaux - Château Haut Bergeron, Château la Fleur des pins, Château les Clauzots: AOP Graves, AOP Sauternes

    Champagne - Champagne Augustine: Châtillon sur Marne

    Languedoc - Château Guilhem (organic): AOP Malepère, AOP Limoux, IGP Pays d'Oc, IGP Pays Cathares

    Loire Valley - Flodivins, Domaine Cordaillat, Domaine de Chevilly, Domaine du Colombier: AOP Muscadet du Sèvre et Maine sur lie, AOP Muscadet du Sèvre et Maine Mouzillon Thillière, AOP Quincy, AOP Reuilly, IGP Val de Loire & more

    Rhone Valley - Domaine Fontaine du clos, Christophe SEMASKA: AOP Côte Rôtie, AOP Condrieu, AOP Saint Joseph, AOP Vacqueyras, AOP Côtes du Rhône,AOP Rasteau, IGP Vaucluse, IGP Coteaux de Vienne & more

    South West - Lo Domeni, Château Armandiere: AOP Cahors Malbec, IGP Côtes du Lot

    Spain - Viña Luparia: PGI Tierra de Castilla, Sangria

  • Prowein 2015 - Our team and stand

    Prowein 2015 - Our team and stand

    For the edition of Prowein 2015 World Wines Hunter offered for tasting :

    Domaine de Chevilly: AOP Quincy

    Château Armandiere: AOP Cahors Malbec, IGP Côtes du Lot

    Domaine Fontaine du Clos: AOP Vacqueyras, AOP Côtes du Rhône, IGP Vaucluse

    Château Guilhem: AOP Malepere Bio, IGP Pays d'Oc, IGP Pays Cathare

    Croix d'Irval: AOP Champagne 1er Cru

    Domaine de la Commanderie: AOP Chinon

    Clo': AOP Chinon

    Domaine de Grimardy: AOP Bergerac Bio, AOP Montravel

    Château de Margüi: AOP Coteaux Varois en Provence Bio, IGP Var Bio

    Domaine du Colombier: AOP Muscadet du Sèvre et Maine, IGP Val de Loire

    Lise Baccara: AOP Cognac, Cognac X.O, Cocktails, Troussepinète

    Rhum Metiss: Rhums arrangés 100% naturel de al Réunion

  • ProWein 2015 - Hall 12 Stand D47

    ProWein 2015 - Hall 12 Stand D47

    This year we've done another special selection of French wines and spirits.

    At the tasting:

    AOP Champagne 1er Cru : Champagne Croix D’Irval
    AOP Bergerac & Montravel Organic : Domaine de Grimardy
    AOP Malepère Organic: Château Guilhem
    AOP Chinon : Domaine de la Commanderie
    AOP Quincy : Domaine de Chevilly
    AOP Cahors Malbec, IGP Côtes du Lot : Château Armandière
    AOP Côtes du Rhône, AOP Vacqueyras, IGP Vaucluse : Domaine Fontaine du clos
    AOP Muscadet, IGP Val de Loire : Domaine du Colombier


    Rhum Métiss: 100% Handmade & 100% Natural Rum infused with fruits and spices from the Réunion Island
    AOP Cognac, Pineau, Élixir, Troussepinète & Cocktails: Lise Baccara


  • PROWEIN 2014: Hall 4 K125

    PROWEIN 2014: Hall 4 K125

    The leading trade fair for the international wine and spirits industry, ProWein in Düsseldorf, will be celebrating its anniversary in 2014. 20 years ago, on 23 and 24 February 1994, Düsseldorf was host to the first edition of ProWein – back then still under its original name PRO VINS. 

    Champagne Alain Bergère
    Château Armandiere: Cahors Malbec
    Château de Lacroux: Gaillac
    Château du Chatelard: Bourgogne Beaujolais
    Château la Coustarelle: Cahors Malbec
    Clos du Père Clément: Côtes du Rhône, Visan
    Corinne DEPEYRE: Côtes du Rhône
    Domaine Fontaine du Clos: Côtes du Rhône, Vacqueyras, Vaucluse
    Domaine George: Bourgogne Chablis

  • VINISUD 2014: Hall B2 Path D Stand 44

    VINISUD 2014: Hall B2 Path D Stand 44

    World Wines Hunter will be present for Vinisud 20th birthday.

    We will suggest a new selection of fine wines. Awards Wines.

    AOP Cahors Malbec: Château la Gineste -2012 Last year of Organic Conversion

    AOP Costières de Nîmes: Domaine Mas Mellet- 2012 Last year of Organic Conversion

    AOP Côtes du Rhône, AOP Vacqueyras, IGP Vaucluse: Domaine Fontaine du Clos

    VINISUD is the showcase for the world’s leading wine region, the Mediterranean, which on its own accounts for more than 50% of world output.
    Each event brings together the majority of Mediterranean wine producers and professional buyers from every continent, thereby helping to open the Mediterranean up to new markets for wine.
    In 2012, 32,880 visitors and 1,664 exhibitors attended VINISUD:

    French producers from Languedoc, Roussillon, Provence, the Rhone Valley, South-West, Corsica,
    Producers from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria etc.

  • Millésime Bio, world organic wine fair 2014

    Millésime Bio, world organic wine fair 2014

    Millésime Bio was established in 1993 by a group of organic winemakers in Languedoc-Roussillon belonging to the interprofessional association Sudvinbio.

    The trade show takes place every year in January. It gathers a very representative offer of organic wines: in 2014, nearly 800 producers from 12 countries will showcase their products to buyers worldwide!

  • World Wines Hunter Export Distribution

    World Wines Hunter Export Distribution

    Why Vinabc

    Quality products at all price levels
    Always competitive rates
    Monthly wine offers
    Concerned at home within 3 days when it suits you
    Per bottle your own box together
    Extensive attention to organic, biodynamic and Fairtrade wines
    Regular wine tastings, tasting the wines you want to buy

  • World Wines Hunter Export Distribution

    World Wines Hunter Export Distribution

    Key Wines is specialised in wine investment, as well as wholesale and retail wine businesses. Underpinned by a team of highly professional consultants with expert knowledge in wine, the company also has extensive networks in all major wine-producing areas. And its wine list contains only renowned products in the market.

    For customers, Key Wines is well prepared to source for you top-class fine wines, and to help you build up your personal investment portfolios for tapping the appreciation potential of fine wine products. State-of-the-art wine storage facilities, as well as reefer transportation of wines from abroad to designated places can also be arranged to best meet the needs of customers.

  • Château les Clauzots, Bordeaux Graves

    Château les Clauzots, Bordeaux Graves

    This estate has been in the hands of the TACH family for over a hundred years.

    Five successive generations have devoted all their passion to its operation to ensure that the wines of Château Les Clauzots are recognised and appreciated.
    Ideally situated at the highest point of the little village of Saint Pierre de Mons, the vineyard benefits from superb natural exposure.

    The vines, on average 30 years old, are planted in a sand and gravel soil. The gentle slope running down towards the Garonne provides natural drainage of the sub-soil.
    Alongside the old building, a modern vat-room, built in 1992, houses all the necessary equipment (pneumatic presses, temperature controlled stainless steel vats, etc.) as additional facilities to ensure optimal vinification.
    It is the respect of the terroir and of the vines that matters most on this family-run estate, with the careful attention paid to controlling yields and harvesting perfectly ripe and healthy grapes.

  • Vinexpo 2013:The Wine And Spirits Industry's Greatest Events

    Vinexpo 2013:The Wine And Spirits Industry's Greatest Events

    In a radically changing world, market players more than ever before, need guidance to perceive, understand and analyse the changes, and then anticipate future needs.

    Vinexpo is the international reference and key event of the wine and spirits world. Vinexpo provides answers to all these expectations and helps you benefit from new export opportunities.


    For importers, wholesalers, retailers, super and hypermarket purchasers, sommeliers and many others, Vinexpo is the largest wine and spirits showcase in the world, witnessed in 2011 by more than 48,000 visitors who travelled from 148 countries.

    Its international importance continues to grow and is largely stimulated by its subsidiary Vinexpo Overseas with Vinexpo Asia-Pacific, the leading Asian wine and spirits exhibition. Vinexpo also enjoys very wide coverage in the media. 1,245 journalists reported on the event in 2011 and more than 2,000 press references were counted in 54 countries.


    Vinexpo is an opportunity to make the most of exchanging with your customers, building relations of trust and making new contacts. It is also a compelling arena in which to grow your business worldwide and earn a return on your investment.

    The company will be present on site. Please do not forget to contact us to book an appointment B to B with the producers.

  • Welcome


    Welcome to World Wines Hunter website, trade agency specialized in the wines and spirits, launched in 2012.

    You will find practical information there concerning the wines and spirits, the estates and the wines regions as well as the events and the conventions where the company will be present.

    We wish you a pleasant time on our website.

    World Wines Hunter Team.


  • Monbazillac and Bergerac Wines, Château la Maroutie

    Monbazillac and Bergerac Wines, Château la Maroutie

    A Family Estate Since 1991, the vines have been worked by two friends from the world of Rugby, who embarked on the adventure out of love for the region and wine. More than a Philosophy, a Desire The philosophy of the owners is to provide a fresh look at wine. From beginner to enthusiast, everyone could be surprised by a wine from the estate.

    The tradition renewed, it is a frame of mind. Wine, for all its qualities, including its health benefits, must return to the front of the stage. For this to happen, each actor in the world of wine must become involved. This is the desire at Château La Maroutie. Monbazillac, a Noble Land Monbazillac is a municipality that has passed through time. Its 16th century castle is one of the symbols of the region. Celtic, Gallo-Romans, Barbarians and Dutch in turn marked the history of the city. As often in the wine world, it is men of faith, Catholic and Protestant, who have given their pedigree to the appellation. A few kilometres from Bergerac, this village has the distinction of being the first to produce a sweet wine as we know it today.

    The Estate in the Heart of History La Maroutie, from the Celtic Mas meaning "farm" and Rosta "hill", is a locality situated on the hills above the town of Monbazillac. It is a few grapevines away from the Château de Monbazillac and has an exceptional view over the plain of Bergerac. In the heart of this locality is located the residence and the estate’s vineyards, on about 12 hectares A specific “terroir’’ The soil gets its originality from clay and limestone. Clay is porous, so it lets water penetrate slowly and keeps it prisoner for the time it takes to ensure the proper irrigation of the vines. Limestone allows the soil to become warm quickly in the morning and keep the heat at night, thus mitigating temperature differences.


  • Welcome to Cahors, Birthplace of Malbec!

    Welcome to Cahors, Birthplace of Malbec!

    Is Cahors the right place to grow Malbec?

    The question is quite pertinent when you read the latest statement of a French winemaker working in Argentina and growing Malbec for Alta Vista to Carly Wray from Snooth.com: ” ” Malbec is the great variety [...]  Easy to grow, easy to make, easy to drink.” Pointing out to the land, he describes the natural affinity between region and grape. The clear skies, poor soils, and thermal oscillation (the difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures) offer Malbec much of what it needs to become a deeply concentrated, richly fruited wine. When I ask him about Malbec’s performance in its hometown of Cahors, which happens not to be too far from his own, he shrugs, plainly: “The climate in Cahors is wrong for Malbec.”"
    If the climate of Cahors is so wrong for Malbec, how would Mathieu Grassin explain that Cahors has been growing Malbec for over 800 years and that the Cahors wines were bought and drunk all over Europe until the terrible frost of 1956 that destroyed almost all the vineyard? Wouldn’t it be more honest to recognize that Argentina and Cahors produce wines differently and for different kinds of wine consumers? The hot and dry climate of Cahors generates wines with long ageing potential. Opposite to Argentina where watering the vineyards is possible during dry years, Cahors has to face year after year the variations of climate with no possible help of artificial means as allowed in Argentina. Which means that young Cahors wines can be more difficult to appreciate than the rounder and fruitier Argentine Malbec, easily drunk young but difficult to drink when mature.
    Cahors has the perfect climate for Malbec with its own complexity and its richness. It allows a greater spectrum of tastes, flavors, aromas and styles than in Argentina where year after year the same wine is produced.

  • ProWein 2013 - HALL 4 Stand K125

    ProWein 2013 - HALL 4 Stand K125

    Prowein enjoys the reputation of being one of the biggest alcoholic beverage industry trade shows of Germany. The sole purpose of this trade show is to deliver finest quality of wines and discuss crucial points needed to be kept in mind for effective wine storage. More than 3700 exhibitors from 45 countries will be presenting their latest wines and products in front of a number of wine lovers and wine specialists, and conduct a profitable commercial transaction with 39000 trade buyers. For 3 consecutive days, this show will exhibit the newest and latest wines and spirits, informative tastings and unexpected discoveries. This event will also feature a number of special shows such as Wine of origin, Wine best friend, interactive seminars and a focused discussion conducted by the leading experts of the industry. Culinary highlights and local specialties will add to the overall business worth of the show.

    Meet us Hall 4 stand K125

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  • An overview on Château de Lacroux - AOP Gaillac, South West of France-

    An overview on Château de Lacroux - AOP Gaillac, South West of France-


    The Château de Lacroux vineyard, 38 ha, lies in the southwest of France, between the town of Gaillac (which gives its name to the wine growing area) , Albi, the birthplace of Henri Toulouse Lautrec, and the small historic town of Cordes.


    For 10 generations, the Derrieux family has been working the vineyard with passion and know how. Year after year, our goal is to express the best of the terroir.


    The Derrieux brothers produce typical regional wines, using most up-to-date methods.

    The basis of the red wine of Château de Lacroux are the two native Gaillac grape varieties DURAS and BRAUCOL(=FER SERVANDOU). These grapes provide rich strong wines. The fragrant taste from the Duras grapes, and the aromatic overtones of cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant from the Braucol grapes.

    The red wines are enriched by the addition of SYRAH variety from the Rhone Valley and MERLOT from the Bordeaux region.

    The white wines are produced from the MAUZAC, LOIN DE L'OEIL and SAUVIGNON varieties. The blending of these grapes gives a harmonious, fruity, dry white wine.
    Another speciality is the "Gaillac Doux", a sweet wine produced from the Mauzac grape with a high natural sugar content.

    The dry rosé wines, based on the DURAS and SYRAH grapes with it's fresh fruity taste, is perfect for summer drinking.

    A  sparkling wine is also produced  from the LOIN DE L’OEIL variety, using the “Méthode Champenoise”. This “brut” matures in the subterranean cellars of the Abbey Saint Michel in Gaillac, which has been made available to selected wine producers of the region. 

~ Welcome ~

World Wines Hunter was founded in 2012 by Justine COUDERT. Our activity of importer, exporter and distributor specializing in the French and foreign beers, wines and  spirits is based at Luzech, 15 minutes from Cahors, Lot, Occitanie, FR.

We work exclusively with wineries as supplier in France and abroad for professional customers: HoReCa, wines specialty chains/retail, distributors, importers.

We also have a wine cellar, beer and spirits selection for our private customers, don't hesitate to ask us our catalog.

Our services are to offer wines of all French and foreign designation and to ensure the commercial follow up.

The wines which we propose are wines of terroir, that's mean, typical wines from the place where they are produced.
We offer you also, a grand selection of atypical estate wines, amazing, that deserve to be discovered and tasted.

Our goal is to bring professionals to introduce each new wine in their selection.

To better understand the market, we spend time with each sales representative on the estate and take the time to discuss their expectations to improve development capabilities

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and price details.

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health; alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.